I am the one man army of this startup. Coming from the biological sciences background, I always had immense curiosity about nature. After spending 3 years in corporate environment, came a tipping point of frustration of not getting enough time to do something about my first love, Nature! Thus began my journey as Scuba Diving professional and Kayaker. This startup is a product of thought that I needed some platform where I can actualize my ideas of what Nature experience should be. I hope to meet like minded people along the way. . .


NatureCraft Adventures is more of an initiative than a company, with its inception in the need to create meaningful nature related experience and mixing dash of adventure. In its third year of operation in Goa, NaureCraft Adventures has Kayaking and Scuba Diving on offer.

The thought behind it....

Based in vibrant and naturally gifted state of Goa, the aim is to make available experiences for people which is completely unlike the typical touristy image of Goa which is highly associated with clubbing, late night parties and overall “I dont care, I am in Goa” culture. Most of the tourists are not aware of the natural beauty and hidden treasures all over Goa waiting to be explored. Also for people who are aware and want to explore it, not many options are available to easily access that side of Goa.

With that in mind, the primary aim of NatureCraft Adventures is to make natural beauty of Goa more accessible to all and also make the experience fun and memorable. The sequential but equally important objectives of the experiences are to make participants aware about the ecosystems and their importance in bigger perspective. If you are looking for off-beat things to do in Goa, you are in the right spot.


We currently have Mangrove Kayaking in Goan river backwaters along with Scuba Diving trips for beginners and certified divers at Grande Island, Goa. Check out our activities section to find out more.

Over the time, more activities like forest trails, Nature Camps, Nature  walks, Surfing lessons, Cycle tours etc will be added.