Scuba Diving

Goa does not end at the beach, in fact the ocean is a gateway to an entirely fantastical world. Scuba Diving sounds something like a rocket science to so many people along with the myths and misconceptions shrouding it. Scuba Diving is one of the safest Watersports regulated by high standards set by international bodies and meticulous sefety procedures. Anybody who is not afraid of water can enjoy the experience of the underworld. All the Scuba Diving trips in Goa happen around a small island called Grande Island which is approximately 2.5 miles off the shore.

Although one cannot expect the turquoise water like Maldives or Mauritius in Goa, there is tons of things to see in the Goan underworld. A shipwreck, massive patches of corals, healthy fish life are some of the scuba diving attractions. 

Program Outline